How to integrate a call center in your company?

How to start integrating a call center in your company?

You are a company and want to create your own call center or customer relationship center? This is a great idea. You are probably starting from the observation that the relationship with your prospects and customers in your company is diluted, without coherence, measurement or performance. Specializing the relationship, i.e. transferring it into the hands of experts, means ensuring the best possible management.

A call center is a set of resources, personnel, real estate, furniture and technology that manage the relationship between a brand and its market. Physically, it is a set of offices where people use the telephone, but also email, chat, letters, etc… The calls (phone, e-mails…) can be incoming (the call comes from outside, for a question, customer service, etc…) or outgoing (invitation, reminder, prospecting…).

Perhaps you have asked yourself if you want to outsource this activity? In any case and for whatever reason, you preferred to have (integrate) your own relationship center. Know that we can help you and bring you a lot. First piece of advice: Start by outsourcing everything!



Too many customers buy brochure services like pencils. They suffer from canvassing (they even clearly admit that they don’t know how to do it). They therefore leave this strategic activity to the experts, but do not consider it as an added value. Do you see how you can choose your call center?


You know how to surround yourself with the best telemarketing experts.

Paradoxically, the often discredited activity of a call center is essentially human. It is the quality of the employees that makes the difference.

A call center must limit staff turnover as much as possible and at the same time employ efficient, seated sales representatives. It is therefore the structure of choice that helps you choose your future call center agents. Compared to a human resources manager, the person who is used to recruiting such a profile will be able to see the potential and willingness to commit to his or her mission in the medium and long term.

It is entirely possible to entrust us with the recruitment of your future employees in the center, this is part of our missions.


A good call center is equipped with the best technologies.

The technology is at the service of man, not the other way around. In addition, a well-equipped call center allows you to stay in touch with interested parties and customers as you wish.

So we need an integrated system that allows us to call, instant message (IM), SMS, email, chat…. to use. These are multi-channel technologies that are only of interest if all contacts and data are in the same database and are accessible from anywhere. See the benefits of B to B call centers for your business.

If a customer contacts you by email at 10:00 a.m., a sales representative 100 km away can call them by phone at 10:05 a.m. with the email in front of them. Nothing complicated, most of the integrated professional tools have been managing this for about ten years.

The call center can also advise you: The most expensive solutions are not necessarily the most adapted to the final customer (just as the accounting software for accountants is not necessarily the most adapted to the final customer).


Know how to measure your activity to improve it.

Reports, measurements, indicators… Are all these concepts really important? Of course they are! Of course they are! You’ll never get performance from your contact center if you don’t measure its activity. How can we improve something we don’t know about?

There are many indicators that need to be simplified (in extreme cases):

The number of contacts (for example, we will need at least 15 calls per hour on the phone).
The rate of transformation. It all depends on what needs to be “transformed”, the simplest example is getting an appointment for prospecting.

The call center operators will improve over time. Thanks to the indicators you measure, you can put them on the right track.

The best solution is to always surround yourself with a team that is already operational, efficient and motivated. It is obviously easier to manage for the future, especially if you have indicators over 6 months, for example: you know what to maintain. This will avoid all the hikes, disappointments, demotivations that you had in the first week.


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