How effective is the telephone sale of your hotel?

How effective is telephone sales in your hotel? What you need to know.

What is the conversion rate of your hotel’s reservation service? We seem very interested in the conversion statistics on our website, but how many calls are actually converted into reservations? Telephone sales is a very important channel for hotels; in fact, customers try to contact you directly and should be easy to implement. Why do many hotels not have an effective sales process? Is the hotel management not on the right track?

It may seem that we have lost sight of all the developments on the Internet. I dare to say that this is not true. For many years, reservation services have been considered as operational services and not as commercial services.

In order to get answers to this kind of instantaneous sales generation, we made a few test calls to different hotels in different cities. To make sure no one was embarrassed, we decided to hide the name of our hotel and our agent.

These guys we just heard about only mentioned the price. They didn’t even react to my buying signals or my motivation for my trip.


So, what image of our hotel do we want to present through telephone sales? What makes our guests book our hotel? The price? Or a personalized sales area?

He tried, but it seemed like she was mumbling. I couldn’t understand what she was saying. Unfortunately, they didn’t convince me to book.

And here’s a really embarrassing situation, an agent showing me the page…

In this particular case, the hotel management had the impression that the hotel was doing well, the average target per person having been reached. Unfortunately, the average occupancy rate per person per room was even 20% lower than normal, making it impossible to meet the total revenue target because the average room price was totally wrong.

The hotels must train their staff in telephone sales and make reservations to exceed the price. We need to put in place a sales process that we can customize for each individual to make it more personal.

We need to sell the destination and the location of the hotel. Speak to the caller by name. Ask questions about why they are traveling so we can better meet their needs. The call center staff should be familiar with the events surrounding the hotel and be able to give some recommendations on restaurants, public transportation and activities.


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