A call center to increase your leads

A call center to increase your leads, what you need to know.

Lead generation is at the heart of every company’s concerns. With the advent of digital technology, a call center may seem like an archaic communication channel. Despite the growing share of digital technology, the issue of human interaction remains at the forefront. While 74% of Internet users like to search for information on the Internet, 82% of them want to cultivate human interaction.

A call center can minimize these interactions, especially if they are specialized in a particular field. Contrary to the image that a call center may convey, you have people who are technicians, specialized salespeople, often bilingual or more.

By using an outsourced and specialized call center, the customer experience and customer relationship can only be enhanced.
be beneficial. If these two aspects are well implemented, you will gain new customers and increase your leads.

So we can ask ourselves how a call center can help you increase your leads.


Choosing a call center to increase your leads

Choosing the structure

The ideal call center meets several criteria to achieve optimal quality.
In fact, the vast majority of call center employees are university graduates. They even specialize in the fields of intervention of the company for which they work.
They have an associated semantics that differs from that of a bad call center and therefore do not read a script. The script that is considered inappropriate to solve a problem or generate leads. It is an argumentation strategy that places the customer at the center of the request and provides personalized support.

For the more commercial part, each employee has or receives training that meets specific expectations. The objective is the sale of technical products. Who could sell these technical products better than experts? In addition, commercial techniques and digital technologies are becoming more and more important. This will help to better understand potential leads and expectations.


A call center with human values to increase your leads

The goal of a good call center and a good customer approach is the human value that characterizes their DNA. Unlike a traditional call center, the goal is not to conduct and research a campaign. The goal is to do it permanently and to meet the customers’ expectations.

Companies are looking for an increasingly human approach. We don’t just want to reduce costs by outsourcing abroad anymore. The goal is to improve the customer experience that customers complain about on the Internet if they are not satisfied.

The presence of the human factor is very important for the customer satisfaction process. So the objective of this process is to put the customer at the center of the strategy.

And the objective of a good call center is to reach a customer satisfaction rate of almost 100%. This satisfaction is the brand image that emerges from a company. It is just as important as social networks. If your reputation is bad in certain areas, the risk of potential lead loss is greater.


A call center to increase your leads

As mentioned in the introduction, 82% of Internet users want to keep human contact despite the evolution of consumption during the purchase phase. Interacting with a qualified person would increase the chances of generating leads by a factor of 8.
The theme of time and interaction between two people is a critical element in the customer satisfaction of a call center. This can be measured in different ways:

The Service Level Agreement (SLA). This measure provides information on the ability of a call center to achieve its objectives. An example is the percentage of calls in less than three calls.
The termination rate when a customer cannot reach you.
The average processing time, which tells you how much time you spend with a technician.
Customer satisfaction, which measures the ability of technicians to accurately respond to a request.

These 4 units allow a call center and its customers to measure their actions. By ensuring these 4 steps, a prospecting call center will increase the number of prospects for its customers. In addition, the customer satisfaction that a lead may have will naturally return to you when they need your services.

The use of a qualified call center is therefore the key to generate more leads. In addition, you will benefit from an interesting economic advantage since you will be able to manage your campaigns on an occasional basis.


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