The future of call centers : The customer relationship center

The future of call centers : The customer relationship center, what you need to know

There are three generations of call centers, with the call center centered on the telephone, the customer contact center with a multi-channel approach, and finally the relationship center that combines a multi-channel approach with a global approach to customer needs. The first two generations have specialized agents to meet specific needs, while the Relationship Center aims to build customer loyalty through a global approach that requires the dismantling of traditional silos.


First generation call center.

These traditional call centers are usually divided into two areas, outbound and inbound calls.

Business managers generally view the incoming call area as a cost center, so priority is given to average talk time, which should be as short as possible, with each second saved estimated to save thousands of dollars. Sales are limited to a few easy-to-sell add-on products, which agents decide to stop selling when they have reached their quota, then try to meet their call time goal by reducing communication with each customer. If management finds that customer satisfaction is too low, they pay some attention to call times, but after a productivity discussion with the VPs, they reduce call times this time, and so on. Those who work in call centers know this pendulum swing.

Section managers have teams of 18 to 22 people, which limits structural costs but makes effective coaching difficult. Not to mention that the coaching desks have been replaced by places where the latest repatriates are deployed.

The area is divided by as small boxes as possible to maximize the number of agents on the floor, salaries are limited, agent turnover varies from 40% to 100% per year, which is costly in training, leading to a decrease in training budgets with new customer satisfaction problems.

Do you think you have recognized a company? Almost all call centers are not like that, in Europe, Canada, Quebec, the Maritimes or the West.

Outbound call sectors are privileged because they are generally considered profit centers, which is expressed in a relative freedom of speech and latitude of realization in their customer relationship arguments. However, calls are usually limited to target customers and offers are limited to a few products or services.

The customer relationship center of the future.

It is obvious that the old cost-based, single-channel contact model will not work for long simply because it will be impossible to reach customers in this way. Take young people, for example, because it is no longer possible to reach them by e-mail simply because most of them don’t have one. It is also impossible to call them on the phone because they don’t answer, the only way to contact them is through text messages or Facebook. A company that neglects this reality will see a whole part of its customer base disappear in the coming years, young customers simply turn to companies they want to cooperate with.

The future of call centers : The customer relationship center: The customer relationship center


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