The questions to ask yourself before outsourcing your customer relationship

The questions to ask yourself before outsourcing your customer relationship, what you need to know.

The success of a project to ” outsourcing your customer relationship ” cannot be improvised and depends on several criteria. If you wish to outsource the management of the phone calls and customer relations of your company to Mauritius, make sure that your company’s activities and organization allow you to outsource your customer relations. You should also identify the advantages and disadvantages for your company. In this article, you will discover the points on which you must position yourself to ensure the success of your investment.


Outsourcing adapted to your company’s activity

Although outsourcing of telephone calls and customer relationship management have become common practice for companies of all sizes, certain activities that require a very high level of expertise, such as the professions of lawyers, notaries and doctors, remain delicate.

For other activities such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, tourism, e-commerce, outsourcing of the online relationship is easier. If outsourcing is possible, you must first determine the type of operations you wish to outsource.

The customer relationship involving different parameters and requiring expertise and skills, it is necessary to create specifications to master the entire chain from A to Z. For example, if you entrust your prospecting, call scripts, objection handling, quality procedures to a service provider, the objectives must be upstream and not downstream.

Partial or total outsourcing?

Whether you use a service provider in Mauritius or abroad, you are free to choose between partial or total outsourcing. In addition to the type of operation you want, you will easily find the type of service that suits you. The volume you wish to outsource is important in determining the right price for your approach. A majority of call centers and customer relationship centers in Mauritius apply a one-month trial period before being able to offer fees for services or sales prices. The flexibility of the call center is also an advantage for your company as it can respond to your needs and be operational 24 hours a day as customers or prospects need to be contacted at any time or can get in touch with you.

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