Call Center: 10 tips for retrieving scripts from incoming calls

Call center: 10 tips for retrieving scripts from incoming calls, what you need to know.


Call center: How to greet customers or prospects without scaring them ?


1 – Introduce yourself

The customer is reassured that he has chosen the right number and the right service.


2 – Relieving impatience

Always thank the customer for waiting.


3 – Better understand what the client wants to be effective.

Don’t hesitate to rephrase the customer’s request aloud: “Well, if I understood correctly,…is that it?


4 – Calm down and make sure…

Always explain to the customer what you are doing (for example: very well Mr. X, I access your file), and hop, we take the opportunity to update the database and ask for his e-mail address.

No silence: Nothing is more unpleasant if, as a customer, you hear the clacking of the call center keyboard without explanation.


5 – Be simple and positive.

Choose simple sentences and words to avoid ambiguity in the customer’s understanding.

No negative sentences!


6 – Personalize the call.

Personalizing the call by integrating the caller’s name leads to a concept of complicity, and the customer also feels recognized and respected.


7 – Other open and closed questions.

The closed question is valid, the open question allows you to deepen and must be followed by another closed question.

Ex: Closed question: You want to know the price of this cell phone, right?

Answer: Why do you want this cell phone? Then you can have it.

Closed question: If I understand correctly, do you want this phone because the sound quality is excellent, right? Well, we have several models that have been specially designed for MP3 playback…… Do you know the XXXX of XXX?


8 – Don’t hang up until you are sure you have answered the question.

At the end of the call, ask if the customer has answered all their questions and if they have any more.


9 – Take an appropriate leave of absence.

Thank the customer for his call and wish him a good day without reciting the text by heart!


10 – Include call center agents

You are in action, you will be your best advisor for the writing of this text.

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