How to sell quickly over the phone to cold prospects ?

How to sell quickly by phone to cold prospects? : What you need to know.

Today, I want to give you the best advice from Art Sobczak’s book Smart Calling. It took me a long time to practice pronouncing his name. This book describes how to sell quickly to cold prospects.

Prepare the structure of your call.

My first tip is to be sensitive when calling cold prospects. Let’s say you call a switchboard and you feel that the person is in a hurry: “Hello” and directly, he shouts, he gets angry. Instead of introducing yourself as a sales representative, you know directly that you have absolutely no chance of resisting such a greeting. You can simply say to the person: “Oh, my God! Something is wrong”, or calm them down or bring them to their level as if you were not a vocation expert. This will allow you to remove obstacles and bring the person to your level of discussion.


Go to the level of the person you are talking to.

You may know that I don’t like to be the business person, but there are different levels: there are the child, adult and parent areas. Of course, for those of you who know a little bit about business, if you have someone who presents himself or herself directly as an adult, don’t present yourself as a child, but as an adult. In other words, if someone gives you a very down-to-earth speech instead of playing the right sales card that’s ready to get your ass kicked, then take the same tone as the person. Just bring them to their level, maybe even let them know that you’re still beyond that to bring them to a level and start a parent or adult conversation. It is therefore necessary to adapt to the level of cold prospects we face.



Make your calls happy.

The second tip that stays a bit on the same topic is to make your cold prospect calls happy and not just boring or just sales calls. The calls where you start with the words “Hello, I would like to know your needs…”, I think that’s the most boring thing we’ve ever said, “Hello, can I know your needs” or “I want your needs in this area”. It’s the most impersonal, least precise sentence in the world: “I’d like to know your needs in the field…”. It’s just the worst sentence.

If you call against it and just say, “Hello, how are you? ” the guy will say to himself or the lady will say, “Who is that joker? Who is this guy? ” And you can slow that down to start a conversation.


Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

There are not 150 ways to be empathetic. It’s very simple. Before making a call to cold prospects, ask yourself the question : “What would you do if you were the person who picked up the phone? “It’s very, very simple. When I was in high school, I’ll always remember when I did a BTS in negotiation, customer relations, in short, in sales, I had to call people and try to give them an appointment to analyze if they had heat loss in their house. That is to say, I would offer them something and I would take the place of these people: “Someone calls me to ask me to meet someone who will come to my house and analyze if we have heat loss”. Directly, I think that if they do it, it’s because they have a sales objective.

So what we did at the time was to found an association, an association against global warming, which would allow us to act as if we were ecologically oriented people. So, again, get out of this sales box, put yourself in people’s shoes, be empathetic, if you’re one or two steps ahead of your customers, you’ll of course sell a lot more.


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