For effective cold calls

Although the phone calls and phone calls are somewhat difficult, they are sometimes necessary in our strategic planning. Here’s how you can make your cold calls more effective.

What to do For effective cold calling :

To be successful when you call a potential client, you need three things:

What the customer needs;
Having a well-prepared complaint structure;
Establish trust and presence in the voice.

When you talk on the phone, the person you are talking to does not see your body language or facial expression, which accounts for 55% of the impact of the communication. The message and tone of your voice are therefore the only factors that allow them to judge your credibility. It is therefore important to use them correctly for effective cold calling.


What your voice tells us about cold calls

When you make cold calls, the voice expresses emotions, confidence. It is a vibration linked to our breathing, and as soon as we are stressed, you can hear it immediately.

Thus, a trembling voice and a hesitant speech can make you lose all credibility in the eyes of your potential client. On the contrary, if you master the message, if you are precise and concise, your interlocutor will quickly have a strong image, a positive opinion of you.

A person with a very soft voice is perceived as sensitive, pleasant, sensitive. But if the voice is too quiet, it can give the impression that he or she lacks self-confidence.

On the contrary, a strong voice indicates a lot of self-confidence, but in excess it can be perceived as arrogance.

A fast flow is dynamic, but if it is too dynamic, it means that you are not managing your stress well.

A single-stranded flow means methodism, order, but again, you are too perceived as boring.

Know how to adjust your voice for cold calls

A good way to know where you stand is to register so you can identify your vulnerabilities. Here are the features you need to control:

  • The speed, the speed with which you produce words must be good. If you go too fast, people will come out because they will have trouble following you. If you’re too slow, they’ll lose interest too.
  • The rhythm is the ability to accentuate certain words and to pause.

You need to put more emphasis on the words that have an impact on the message you want to convey during cold calls. For example, say the following sentence out loud and underline the words in bold :

“It is important for me to help you make an informed decision. »

Then this one: “It is important for me to help you make an informed decision. »

In the first example, the emphasis is on the importance for the customer to make a good decision for himself and his needs, while in the second example, the emphasis is on himself and sales.

  • The articulation is also important during cold calls, because if you can’t read your lips to understand your words, the caller will only have your words to follow you. You must therefore be clearly formulated so that you are understood from the start.
  • The volume, the intensity of our voice must also be measured. It is linked to our breathing, so if we control our breathing well, it is because we are confident.


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