Problems in Call Centers: Solutions for You

Problems in call centers, what you need to know.

As we have seen so far, call centers have many advantages. However, it is necessary to highlight two key issues that we have more or less already introduced. Finally, we present our market, which may prove to be an alternative that combines the advantages of call centers without their disadvantages.

Over the last few years, the relocation of French call centers has been steadily increasing. In 2010, 38% of them have already opted for this practice, more than 40% 5 years later, in 2015, and we can also focus on the average salary, which is much lower abroad than in France. For example, the average salary of a telemarketer in Canada is about 2500$ gross, three times more than in Morocco. This very significant change in compensation reinforces this practice.

Many players are trying to limit offshoring. An alternative is the use of networks of telemarketers working from home, JobPhoning is one of them. The main objective is to slow down this delocalization and to limit turnover and costs.

In short, this practice will not stop because of the associated cost reduction. However, there is one essential question that companies must ask themselves: Since customer relations are an essential element of any company’s growth and reflect a large part of its brand image, do offshore call centers really offer sufficient quality of service?


The call center activities.

A call center manages many activities, call center agents must be trained to adapt to really different situations. To better understand this aspect of call centers, we will explain their main activities.
A telephone survey is a study conducted with a representative sample. This term means that the people contacted were not chosen at random, but according to very specific criteria such as gender, age and interests. Questions can be prepared in advance and should gather as much information as possible about a product or service. Thanks to this study, it is possible to get to know in particular its potential customers and their needs and thus to re-qualify its market. It is set up during a market study before a service or product is put on sale.

  • The scheduling consists of contacting potential customers to make qualified appointments with sales representatives who try to turn them into customers.
    File qualification allows you to obtain information from a database of BtoB brochures such as BtoC.
  • The purpose of traffic generation is to encourage potential customers to purchase products or services at the point of sale or on a customer’s website. To do so, telemarketers may conduct exclusive promotions.
  • Project Recognition is a BtoB marketing approach which aims to identify the needs of companies as quickly as possible. The salesmen will then contact them and propose them services or products that meet these requirements.


A credible alternative to the traditional call center.

Now that we know the main aspects of call centers, the question of an alternative arises. For a few years now, we have been developing a market for teleprospecting. Our objective is to offer an interesting service both for companies that want to outsource their outgoing calls and for teleoperators who want to work in homeshoring from home. A turnkey solution on a human scale.

In this perspective, our platform differs from call centers in many ways :

Companies choose the freelancers they want to work with based on their voice, reputation, skills and prices. They only pay according to the result thanks to a module for recording calls made.
Independent telemarketers set their own rates and working hours. They have a guarantee of payment for each service correctly performed and only need a microphone and an Internet connection to make money.

As you grow with your own telemarketers, you can also use our call center software, which solves many of the problems we’ve taken the time to solve, in a tool that’s fully online and is suitable for both independent and corporate clients.

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