How to build a telephone increase

How to build a telephone increase, what you need to know :

Many companies still rely on telephone inquiries. As a result, potential customers are often tired and difficult to convince. Therefore, if you communicate with potential clients through telephone canvassing, it’s best that your speech is tried and your arguments are effective. Today, we are going to give you some tips on how to build a telephone argument


Determine your goal

Before you begin, it seems essential to ask yourself what the purpose of your vocation is.

The question may seem superfluous because it is so obvious, but it is still one of the key points to be convinced!

If you call an interested party without really knowing what you are really looking for, you will never be able to convince them. So it’s a good idea to think of a single, specific goal that you strive to achieve throughout the discussion.

It’s not a matter of saying “I’m going to introduce him to my company and offer him my services”, but “I want him to buy this product”.

Watch out! Do not multiply the objectives. You can’t afford to waste the interested party’s time (and your own) by indicating your catalog: Offer only one thing, be precise and efficient.

Developing a plan

Like a political speech or a professional presentation, a telephone canvassing must be based on a very precise plan and not be accompanied by wind and conversation.

Anyone who has worked in telephone prospecting will tell you: it is the scenario that makes the sale possible!

The definition of a scenario is like detailing the call process, anticipating the reactions of the other participant.

Staying natural

Your plan may have been rewritten from scratch, but don’t forget that you are in direct contact with the customer!

It is not a question of reciting bad publicity, but of presenting your offer naturally, as in any discussion with a prospect. So remember not to write a script that is too formal and too far removed in the implementation of telephone canvassing.

Prefer a fluid style, using short sentences and “shock” arguments. Avoid overly complicated curves or lengthy explanations. If the potential customer does not understand your offer in one sentence, it is because you are not clear!

As in any dialogue, you need to focus on the person you are talking to, not yourself. The only way to get the potential customer interested is to involve him/her directly and not to divide yourself between what you do, what you sell, etc.

Through the script, you can present your offer positively, but remember to remain natural and let the other person speak.

Eliminate doubts

A script is only valid if it takes into account all the objections and doubts of the interested party. As with any business argument, you must identify any doubts your offer might raise and reject them with counter-arguments.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that you will not find an answer to an objection. This symbolizes the fact that your product is defective and therefore not a good investment.

Also protect yourself against the potential customer’s refusal to disclose. You are often told “I don’t have the time” or “I’m not interested”.

Try to start the conversation with a question: “Why? If you start the conversation this way, you can get the potential client’s attention and not let him or her “run away”.

Never take a bad picture of yourself and don’t apologize. Beginning the conversation with “Sorry to bother you” makes you immediately inappropriate and gives you the opportunity to drive home. You are not here to disturb the view, but to offer a service that will improve her life. Don’t forget it!

Finally, don’t forget to test and update your script when you encounter new objections. It is always important to know the quality of your script before starting a massive telephone canvassing campaign.

Test your script with a few colleagues and ask them to be sometimes pleasant and sometimes extreme. Then start testing the “safe” leads.

Be careful not to contact a big potential customer with an unsecured script, it would be the best way to lose him! If you find that it doesn’t work on a dozen or so customers, you need to improve it.

Be polite.

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