The worst cold calling techniques still in use

The worst cold calling techniques still in use, what you need to know.

There have always been some of the worst cold calling techniques that have ever been misused.

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As today’s decision-makers are increasingly difficult to reach, it’s important to make sure you’re as effective as possible when you can have a conversation. Deciphering a prospecting call, its mistakes and tips on how to change your approach should help you do so.

1- Let someone look for you.

In the conversation, the person basically said to me, “I’m calling from company X. You probably know Mrs. Y, she is well known in the field…” and a little later after a long tirade “Would you be interested in meeting Mrs. Y for your video marketing?

Why is it a bad calling technique?

If you want the attention of a decision-maker, don’t give him the impression that he is “wasting his time” by talking to an intermediary.
This technique sends the wrong message: this call is not important enough for Ms. Y to make it herself. Is it the same with clients?

Tips to improve the prospecting process

When prospecting, you should never suggest that you are overwhelmed, otherwise who would want to consider doing business with you when your agenda is already full?
If, like Ms. Y., you want to feed your opportunity pipeline but don’t have the time, choose an inbound marketing strategy that generates leads 24 hours a day. You’ll then be able to personally contact mature prospects.


2- Presentation of services and argumentation during the prospecting call.

Of course, my interlocutor was in a hurry to unpack his arguments and knowledge: “Today, video marketing is an excellent way to gain visibility. Our approach is specific in this or that field and we offer ABC services. That’s what I learned from the message, which turned into a barely breathing monologue.

Why is it a bad calling technique?

Hearing a speech is worth nothing to a potential client during a phone call. He doesn’t know you and has no interest in getting on board because it has nothing to do with a possible problem.
This technique focuses only on the representative and not on the interested party. This is typical of a syndrome that is very present among salespeople: thinking that sales control is information.

Tips to improve the prospecting process

Remember that the purpose of the prospecting call is not to present, but to make an appointment. The more you talk, the lower the chances.
To take control of the prospecting meeting and increase the appointment conversion rate, ask the prospect questions to identify a problem that you can solve.

3- Qualification by phone.

This qualification step took place in a very simple way during the interview: “Mrs. Charlotte, is it really you who is in charge of marketing? I answered “Yes” because that’s the way it is.

Why is it a bad calling technique?

If you ask a potential customer if they are the decision-maker, they will most likely answer “yes”, even if they are not.
You need to show that you’ve done your homework and that you know who you’re talking to. The potential client has no reason to help you go any further if you haven’t done your part.

Tips to improve the prospecting process

Avoid any form of qualification during prospecting. Do not confirm the role of your interlocutor nor the budget available for this or that type of product. At this stage, the potential customer has absolutely no reason to provide you with this information.
Make sure you aim as high up the hierarchy as possible. In the case of selling video marketing services to a SMB such as Prima Ressource, it would have been appropriate to talk to the president. He is also concerned about the possibilities of making the company more transparent.


4- Interruption without authorization.

Answering the phone is an interruption, but this does not mean that you should not ask permission to continue. In my conversation, after my caller has qualified me, he followed directly the presentation of the company and its services.

Why is it a bad calling technique?

The potential customer is not put in the right mood to listen to you. It is possible that he is still reading his e-mails while you are conducting your sales conversation.
You don’t need to know if it’s the right time for the prospect.

Tips to improve the prospecting process

Formally ask permission to interrupt your potential client: “Can I tell you why I’m calling and you’ll tell me if you want to continue the conversation? »
Don’t hesitate to leave a space to attract the attention of your potential customer.


5- Ask: “Are you okay?

Almost all prospecting calls begin with this magical question as soon as the person shows up. My conversation was no exception to this rule.

Why is it a bad calling technique?

This question is a red flag! It immediately indicates that the person on the other end of the line is a salesperson.

Tips to improve the prospecting process

Eliminate this question from your prospecting sequence.
Start your calls with : “Hello [first name of the interested person], this is [your first and last name]. ” and stop here. You’ll need some training, but you’ll get the hang of it. Don’t say any more until the potential customer says “Yes” on the other end of the line.

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