The customer relationship watch, the time has come!

After a period of intensive efforts to better understand and serve your clients, you took a well-deserved break this summer. Unfortunately, as you skillfully built the largest sandpits in Playa del Carmen, the small world of the customer relationship continued without you.

This summer we thought a lot about you, and especially about those who love you:

  • Let’s get down to business;
  • To open new sources of inspiration;
  • Saving time.

A selection of articles on the customer relationships and their annexes

That’s why Julie has set up her radars in the right places around the world and seeks out the most relevant information on CRM, management, marketing and digital news. Trends, figures, innovations or new practices conveyed by the French and English media will no longer fail to focus on what makes, breaks, transforms and reinvents customer relationship.

You are so lucky!

So begins the post-summer issue.

The cat wars will take place.

Thanks to the Google My Business chat service of the same name or the business version of WhatsApp/Facebook, Apple’s Business Chat relies on the messaging app built into all its devices: iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch. Like its competitors, Business Chat combines its messaging with external customer service or support platforms.

WhatsApp Business makes you pay for the lack of responsiveness.

To reduce the cost of using WhatsApp’s business chat app, businesses benefit from monitoring their average response time. At first glance, customers may be happy about this because a 24-hour turnaround time pays for the Facebook service. But the business model is trying more to promote early adoption at the expense of the app’s competitors than to improve the customer experience. There’s no reason why the service shouldn’t undergo a price revision once a critical mass of users has been reached.

We told you in training: the smile is (really) heard.

We all suspected it without checking, but researchers from the CNRS and IRCAM did it for us, very well! A study shows that the smile emits its own acoustic signal. A little something concrete to broadcast and feed your messages on the forums.

The digital technology for the customer experience?

Phew. According to a global study that incorporates responses from 1,000 top decision makers, only 50% of companies have participated in digital transformation projects to serve their customers. Barriers identified include lack of a holistic vision, lack of skills, fear of experimentation or lack of change management.

The disappearance of call center agents is not for tomorrow.

The unpredictability and potential of artificial intelligence are at the service of all irrational fears. Our Institute has initiated a rationalization process with a study of the jobs most threatened by AI and automation. No wonder customer advisors are not among them. Whoo! Phew! This reinforces our vision of human customer service based on technology to enrich the experience and increase customer capital.

Also, as has been the case at Annie for some time, new business will continue to emerge driven by the expansion of customer knowledge!




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