Tips to facilitate your telephone solicitation

Not everyone feels comfortable on the phone. And it’s even harder to feel comfortable advocating for yourself. However, advertising is the foundation of your business as an entrepreneur. If there is no invitation, there are no customers. To facilitate your telephone solicitation, speak naturally about your product or service without trying to sell it at any price, you will win over your friends and family and earn your first contracts. Stay natural. Talk about your business with enthusiasm to your future clients. Share with them your passion for your product or service. You will then be able to convince them naturally! If necessary, test your approach with the people around you and note their comments.

Here are some tips to make advertising less difficult and more effective.

To facilitate your telephone solicitation: Make the first contact before you call

Before you call, make sure you have already made contact with your future client. Networking events are a good way to make your first contacts. You can also send an introductory email to your potential client to introduce yourself, tell them about your product and set up a phone appointment. This first contact legitimizes your call and helps build trust.

Prepare your call script

You know what to say, but stress and fear can throw you off balance and make you lose control. Write a script, your selling points and prepare answers to the most important objections you might encounter.

Also highlight the benefits your product offers to that particular customer. Don’t read your entire pitch. Study it in advance so you can deliver it easily and naturally.


Start by calling customers who are less likely to buy your product. This is a way to practice without compromising important contracts. If you only need to call one customer, practice with a friend. Also, a short phone call will help you resolve your voice and build your confidence.

Find the right time for your call

Before you call your prospects, make sure you find the right time. Monday morning or Friday at the end of the day is usually not the best time to call. You can ask the person answering your call to check your prospect’s calendar for the best times to reach them. If you have them on the phone, but they seem to be in a hurry, ask them when it is best to call back. Again, you’ll be giving them responsibility for your call, which will help them listen.

Smile! Smile!

Did you know that you can hear a smile on the phone? Take the test: Take control of your voice by saying the same sentence with and without a smile. You’ll be surprised at the results!

Focus on the purpose of your call.

Transfer, hold, voicemail…. the way to the person you’re talking to can make you lose sight of the purpose of your call. Even talking to your future customer can throw you off course. Take note of the purpose of your call, such as a personal appointment, and hold it in front of you.

Remember the circumstances of your complaint.

Your potential client will be more interested in what you have to say if you remind him or her of the circumstances of your call from the beginning. For example: “We met at a networking event and you asked me to call you. Transfer the responsibility of your call to the person you are calling, who will listen more carefully.

Present your offer

Tailor your presentation to the client, their needs, interests and priorities. Make a brief presentation, starting with the customer’s own statements about the problem and solution. Then present the features of your offer and emphasize the economic benefits, if applicable.

Ask clear questions

Would you like to receive or use our products? When would you like to receive or use it?
Are there other people you would like to discuss our offer with? When can I call you back?
Would you like a written proposal? When would you like to receive it? Can we meet to present it to you?
Would you like to have a cost-benefit analysis done for you?
What do you think about launching a pilot project, a trial period?
And what are your criteria for accepting our offer?

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