Seven (7) tips for successful phone sales

Selling on the phone is a difficult, even dangerous task! You’ve probably spent hours getting negative responses and wondering what the miracle method is? How do you generate interest? With these seven (7) tips, the phone sale will no longer be a secret for you and you will become the star of the Open Space. You can also use phone sales techniques to sell your products or services more effectively.

Do not disclose the price BEFORE the potential buyer is convinced of the product

To close the sale, the potential buyer must understand the benefits of their purchase. Otherwise, all the telemarketer’s efforts would have been in vain! If the potential buyer is not convinced, he/she only sees the cash expense (the lesser one) and not the profit he/she has to make for the purchase of the offered product.

Project the potential buyer AFTER their purchase.

The prospect must be persuaded to buy, and one of the best techniques for overcoming the final hurdles is to plan after the sale is complete. If you give the prospect around him the feeling that he’s already imagining stroking the white sand to the sound of seagulls, you’ve done the hardest part and he won’t be able to refuse your offer of a cruise.

Offer the alternative

Every phone sales manager has had a bad moment. Bad time for the call, the game is just beginning. Wrong time to order a sofa, the potential customer leaves IKEA. Wrong time to pay, they just got back from vacation. To successfully overcome these obstacles, you have only one alternative: a later callback, an additional product or accessory, payment options…… The solutions are endless and every telemarketer needs to have some to recover immediately.

Ask Questions

Any experienced telemarketer will tell you that an objection is not a rejection! And often, the answer lies behind the question. The magic word is simple: go further. You have to be able to fall back on objections. A “right now I can’t” means a lack of liquidity and therefore a payment in the next month. An “I already have one” will hide the fact that his existing equipment consumes twice as much as yours. Once verified, the contradiction becomes a weapon for the seller.

Accept and appreciate the number

Calling a stranger, entering their privacy, unfolding their script and hearing a “No thanks, I don’t need anything” is part of the daily life of phone sales personnel. You have to learn to love those words. Indeed, if you know that you have a quota of 10% of sales made, and that you therefore make 10 sales out of 100 calls, you only have 8 calls left before the next sale! Each no brings you closer to the next YES.

A good salesperson knows how to talk, a very good salesperson knows how to listen

We all have the image of the telemarketer who does his script from the first to the last syllable without stopping to breathe for a second. How can we avoid this pattern and get better results? By listening carefully. The prospect will give you all the information you need to close the sale. By summarizing this information and including it in your sales conversation, you ensure that the prospect supports you and secures your sale. But of course, if you don’t listen, you don’t sell!

Customer personalization

Every customer is different and when it is difficult to identify the sensitive channel of an unknown person in a few seconds, it is possible to create a complete argument that meets all profiles. The ideal is to build a pitch that suits everyone:

  • Safety and security
  • pride
  • innovative character
  • comforting
  • cash
  • mercy

If you can master these challenges, you will close the sale effortlessly.

In addition to these tips for phone sales, don’t forget to smile on the phone by understanding your smile!

I hope these tips will help you with phone sales, because this method is effective in closing sales. Especially if you sell high quality or monthly products (or services). These phone sales techniques allow you to have direct contact with your prospects and better understand their objections.

So get started! Call your prospects.


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