Training in prospecting and making appointments by phone

Training in prospecting and in making appointments by phone : The basic notions

Making appointments by phone is essential to develop a new clientele and thus compensate for the mandatory loss of customers. Not constantly evolving is to condemn your business to disappear, and one of the best ways to do this is always the phone with web marketing.

The most important points when making appointments by phone and online

  • Why the appointment with new customers is important to the salesperson.
  • The sales equation for appointment setting
  • The main causes of wasted time on calls and solutions are
  • Organization of telephone prospecting
  • The most important characteristics of telephone representatives
  • Key points of a good salesperson
  • List of the most common calling mistakes

Preparation of invitations and calls

The file

  • The minimum number of clients required to start making calls
  • The different types of files:
  • Sheets of paper
  • Excel files
  • CRM, advantages and disadvantages, mistakes to avoid
  • The necessary and unnecessary information

Addressing the decision makers

  • Who is the decision maker in your type of business?
  • Factors influencing your industry

When and where to call

  • The minimum time range that should be specified for the call.
  • Tips for talking to and getting to know the right people.
  • When and where to call according to your habits.

Mental preparation

  • The difficulty of calling and maintaining morale, with numerous and repeated refusals.
  • The two most important tips to stop being afraid, to maintain morale, motivation and enthusiasm.

The call and the script are adapted to the client during the training.

The first contact

  • Identify the client
  • Open a session
  • Ensure credibility as soon as possible
  • Mistakes to avoid: “How are you doing”, familiarity, reading a script, neutral voices

The discovery or the summary of the situation (if applicable)

  • Communicate with and educate the client, but be very brief.
  • Recall or discover the client’s current situation.
  • Possible validation of the client’s objectives

The objectives of the call and the benefits of the appointment for the client

  • Compare the current solution with our solution.
  • Evaluation of the result
  • Evaluate the savings
  • Update
  • The danger of advertising offers: The interesting customer, if he accepts, does not appear.
  • Let us convince you and see for yourself

The result of the call

  • Specify the duration of the meeting.
  • The alternative technique in the data
  • If possible, get the cell phone number and remind the customer of all the tasks he/she has to perform.
  • Remind them of the date, time and name of the participant

The most common objections to appointment setting are

  • General techniques for responding to objections
  • The most common responses
  • Adapting to the objections of your profession


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