How to take care of your customers and build loyalty

Build customer loyalty

As we all know, a satisfied customer will not talk much while a dissatisfied customer will be very expressive. Indeed, it is not customary to thank for a good service or a pleasant shopping experience. Our best advertisement is a customer who is satisfied with our product and even more so if he has a pleasant customer experience. Often, the customer will focus on human qualities rather than the product itself.

Today’s customers want more than a product that meets their needs, they want an extraordinary consumer experience! Make them dream, pamper them, take care of them! Of course, what you sell must be of good quality, but what will distinguish you from a competitor will be your ability to pamper your customer, to make him feel unique, special and important to your company! As if they were part of your family!

Here are a few points that can help you build customer loyalty :

  • Listen to them, not just hear them. The ability to hear is different from the ability to listen. Hearing is the functional ability of the ear, your sense of hearing. Listening involves your ability to consider what the other person is saying, to integrate it, to accept it. Accepting the complaints that are shared with you is knowing how to recognize what is yours. Listening will enable you to take effective action and will save you precious time in terms of what you can offer your client.
  • Availability. Be available to answer their questions and concerns. Let them know the best way to reach you and try to respond within a reasonable time frame.
  • Pay attention to non-verbal cues when meeting with your client. We’re not talking about analyzing his every move, but a slightly more anxious customer may show it in his posture or body language, but not verbalize his anxiety about your future business relationship.
  • Be interested in his needs and if necessary accompany him if the needs are difficult to establish
  • An irreproachable customer service. It is not a question of accepting everything, but of being as honest, transparent and professional as possible, whatever the situation. A dissatisfaction and your customer is taking to social media to vent his frustration? Call him, take the time to listen to his grievances, show empathy, explain clearly the reason for the malfunction and how you are going to resolve the situation. Transparency, communication and simplicity are your best assets to defuse a difficult situation with your customer.
  • Personalize the service. The customer is like your spouse! It may seem like a funny comparison, but they like to be taken into consideration, to be listened to and to benefit from small attentions from time to time. They like to know that they are important to you! We are all sensitive to these small attentions, whether it is a little extra when purchasing a service or product, a coffee with a “good day” written on the cup, etc. It does not cost you more and it brings a real added value to your business.

And finally, don’t forget that a happy customer is your best ambassador!


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