Toxic attitudes of a colleague or boss at work

Whether it’s with a colleague or a boss, we’ve probably all experienced a toxic personality in the workplace. Either way, they are a source of unnecessary conflict and stress. This type of person can be difficult to spot early in your career. They stifle creativity and affect the productivity of others. They make you feel like less than nothing and their negative tendencies spread like the plague. This article will describe 3 types of poisonous people to watch out for, but more importantly, how to spot and deal with them. Enjoy your reading!

Toxic attitudes of a colleague: Critics

Critics are quick to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. They are very good at finding the thing you are passionate about and making you denigrate it. Instead of learning from people who are different from them, critics look down on others. They stifle your passions and desires for expression, so it’s best to walk away from them and be yourself.

Toxic attitudes of a colleague: The manipulators

They say they are your friend, they tell you what you like to hear, but manipulators are worse than your enemies. They know what you like, what makes you happy and what makes you laugh, but the problem is that they use this information negatively. And they don’t do anything without an ulterior motive. Manipulators are always trying to get something out of you, and if you step back from your relationship with them, you’ll see that they’re using you like a puppet. Note to the generous by nature; these people can get you to advance them money, which you will probably never get back. It starts with a $1.25 bottle of water and ends with an $80 sushi dinner.

Toxic attitudes of a colleague: The victim

Victims are hard to identify because you always start out feeling sorry for them. But as time goes on, we realize that they need us all the time. Victims refuse to accept responsibility, making the smallest obstacle an impossible mountain to climb. They don’t think that difficult times are opportunities to learn and grow.


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