How to keep your employees motivated in their work?

We all know that right now, the labor shortage is a hot topic in Quebec. We are talking about nearly 217,700 (November 2016) to 299,300 (November 2017) unfilled positions, an increase of almost 40% according to Statistics Canada. THIS IS HUGE! Going 10km on the highway or in town without seeing a sign: We’re hiring! is almost impossible. The cause of this shortage (true, we won’t hide it) is generally put on the fact that baby-boomers are retiring, and many positions are becoming available day after day. However, what about the lesser conditions given by these employers? The work atmosphere? The hours? And the wages?

Keep your employees motivated: Offer the best conditions

Many employers are afraid to see their employees compare, but I have a little news for you; Facing this fear, the majority does it. Why do they do it? For the simple reason; always want the best for yourself. The best conditions, wages and hours possible. AND THAT’S OKAY! We only have one life to live, with many different projects (trips, house, family, etc.) and unfortunately, life has a price… It is therefore necessary that each employer offers a maximum of conditions that will satisfy the staff. I talk a lot about the financial side, but beyond that, there is respect and recognition. We all agree that the difficult to reconcile shifts and the lack of recognition do not help the feeling of belonging to a company.

Keep your employees motivated: Congratulate and encourage

Also, I have a FREE tip for any stingy, solution-less entrepreneur (I want to specify free because it’s becoming increasingly rare these days) that WORKS WONDERFULLY; praise your employees for good work, encourage them, give them confidence, be grateful for what they can do for you. Studies have proven that a motivated, enthusiastic and responsive team is far more productive than a jaded and apathetic team. An employee who feels valuable and unique to their employer is more likely to go the extra mile, as they see their work making a tangible contribution to the company’s success. A motivated employee is much more productive, and not to mention consistently delivers better quality work and is more likely to stay with the company. Finally, this will greatly help you reduce your turnover rate, which will save you time and money since you won’t have to recruit and train new employees.

Keep your employees motivated: Outsource your activities

If, despite your best efforts, you continue to have a high turnover rate and you are unable to manage your employees well, there is another solution available to you: outsource your activities. Many of our clients have experienced the same situation as you and have come to us to outsource their departments with which they had the most difficulty (telephone prospecting, social network management, etc.). But the question that many have is: what are the advantages? First of all, it is important to know that doing business with an external company should not be seen as a weakness, on the contrary, doing business with specialists in the targeted field is personally, a very advantageous option. It takes away from your shoulders, the training of personnel; creation of essential tools for their optimal functioning; but above all, a huge amount of stress. You can therefore put your energy on YOUR primary strengths and let the experts take care of the rest! A worthwhile investment to include in your budget!

If, despite everything, there are still staffing problems, there is a solution: outsourcing. Your sales department can be outsourced! If you want to know more about the advantages of outsourcing, our article “the advantages of outsourcing” is made for you! You can contact us for more information and to see our service offer!

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