Marketing definitions to try to understand the terms of the sale!

Terms of the sale: R.O.I – Return On Investment !

ROI is a financial ratio used to measure and compare the profitability of an investment. Generally, the ROI is based on the following formula: ratio price on profits of the investment / cost of the investment.

The ROI is an important indicator to choose among several projects and identify the one that will be the most profitable compared to the initial amount invested.

The ROI is widely used to calculate the return on marketing actions, mainly when it comes to relationship marketing and digital marketing.

Terms of the sale: B2B, B to B or business to business!

The term B to B describes the commercial activity between companies and professionals.

This activity is also called: business-to-business trade.

Although little known by the general public, B2B generates much higher sales figures than those developed by the commercial activity which is oriented towards the final consumer.

The marketing techniques used by B2B differ from those used to target the “general public” customer.

Terms of the sale: B2C is also written B to C: business to consumer!

B2C, or also B to C trade, indicates commercial activities that are aimed at a final consumer who is not a company. In other words, in the case of B to C trade, the products, articles or services are intended for the general public.

B2C activities contribute strongly to the development of the digital economy. Everything is done via an online business site. For example Facebook or Twitter frequently use B to C.

Terms of the sale: What is a lead?

Lead is an anglicism used to talk about a prospect, most often qualified, if he has given his contact information. It is therefore a commercial lead to prospect.

The term lead is mainly used in B to B marketing, but can also be applied to B2C, mainly when the purchase cycle is endless and requires the use of lead management.

But beware! Prospect and lead are not synonyms! A lead is a commercial contact who has shown interest in your brand.

Whereas a prospect is a lead that can potentially become a customer.

Inbound telemarketing!

Inbound marketing groups together all the marketing-sales maneuvers of a company that are carried out with a prospect, a lead, until the act of purchase is realized.

In this field, companies rely on all the strategies so that their prospects or customers go to them when they are looking for information or useful services.

Inbound telemarketing can be found especially in the B2B field.

Outbound telemarketing!

Outbound telemarketing or outbound marketing generally refers to the marketing techniques used to reach a population of prospects and/or customers to whom an advertising message is sent or by resorting to direct marketing.

Also, outbound marketing strategies are opposed to inbound marketing strategies where the customer is allowed to address the company.

Digital marketing!

It is also commonly called digital marketing.

Digital marketing includes all marketing techniques used on digital media.

Digital marketing applies mainly to marketing activities associated with the classic Internet; but it also covers activities that are done on smartphones, tablets, GPS, connected watches …

Mobile marketing is starting to invade more and more the digital world and to impose itself there.

Inside sale or sedentary sale !

This is a sales process directed from a distance. The inside salesperson is in charge of selling a company’s products or services by phone; e-mail or other online communication means.

It is a commercial activity that prevails in B2B businesses, as well as in B2C sectors when they trade in high-value items.



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