Wake up your inner deminer – How to manage the crisis!

When we work in sales, we work with human beings. Thus, the relational aspect of our profession represents a large part of our daily work. You have to maintain the relationship, protect it, make the customer feel important and precious, as if he/she were your spouse! But sometimes, as in all couples, a discontent, a frustration and you are caught with a conflict to defuse. To do this, we call on the deminer in us and we equip ourselves with all the necessary tools to avoid cutting the wrong wire and that everything explodes in our heads (that we would lose if it happened to us)!

4 tips for manage the crisis

Here are 4 communication tips that can be very useful to calm the electric atmosphere and stay in good relationship with your client:

  • Your bomb is in front of you, ready to explode. You have two choices: blow yourself up or take your wire cutters and defuse the device! So, as soon as you see a dissatisfaction, call your customer, go and see him or her, in short, get in touch with them to find out what the dissatisfaction is about.

This will already reduce the degree of negative emotions that he may feel by the simple fact that this first gesture shows your openness to what he feels.

  • Your customer may still be filled with rage just waiting to get out. So, like a dragon ready to fire on you, the slightest misstep can be fatal. It is therefore a good idea to speak in the “I” voice, no matter what conflict situation you find yourself in!

Human beings are like this, and no one likes to feel that they are being incriminated or reproached for their behavior or actions. Your interlocutor understands that you speak for yourself and does not feel blamed.

Putting words to evils to manage the crisis!

This goes hand in hand with “I”. Being able to express the climate of tension, the frustration of your client, his discontent, his anger allows you to defuse the poisonous atmosphere created by what is not being said. This will be possible if you show listening skills and empathy.

The situation seems to be under control, but stay alert! Propose a solution to resolve the dispute.

If you can make things right, explain simply and clearly what you can do to improve the situation. Transparency is your best friend at this time. If this is not possible, explain that their opinion is important to you and that it will allow you to rethink your service to improve.

We can never repeat it enough but your customer is a human being. They function on the same relational and emotional principles as you do, what affects you affects them, what makes you angry also makes them angry.

Keep in mind that we are all customers, so how would you like to be treated when you feel dissatisfied with a service?


Good thinking and see you soon for new adventures!



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