The prospecting of new customers, a job for specialists

The prospecting of new customers, a job for specialists

Ask any company’s business development manager, vice-president, director of sales or CEO, and chances are they will tell you that their efforts for the prospecting of new customers are generally more or less random, or at best, carried out in a more or less structured way.

It is however the company’s staple food, this constant vital input that ensures its viability, profitability, development and that allows it to face more difficult situations such as COVID-19.

It is also the first stage of the sales cycle, the strategic stage on which everything else rests.

An inadequate prospecting of customers handicaps the sales apparatus, wastes precious time and costs the company a lot of money.

Strategic approach

Prospecting is a bit like going fishing.

In order to catch the right fish, you must first choose the one that best suits your needs, know where it is, how to approach it, with which bait to titillate it and also know how to react quickly in a changing context.

Bringing back a pike by accident when you were going to catch a trout may seem satisfactory on the spot, but if the recipe calls for trout it may not work as well.

A good dish is made with the right ingredients and the quality of a company’s prospects is just as important to its success as the quality of the ingredients is to the restaurant owner who wants his customers to come back.

Not forgetting that the money you leave behind is money to be taken.

The competition may very well take the trout you left at the bottom of the lake, in other words, the money you left behind because you did not do your prospecting properly.

A specialized task

Frequently, prospecting work is entrusted, or even imposed, on recalcitrant salespeople (salespeople, account managers, etc.) who have more aptitude and interest in engaging prospects in a sales cycle and closing sales than in cold-finding people who might use the company’s services or buy its products.

They are often asked to spend their time making cold calls, a task for which many of them are not particularly effective, qualified, or truly interested. Not enough in any case to devote to this task all the seriousness necessary to accomplish it efficiently with a long-term vision.

The prospecting of new clients is, however, an exercise in its own right that requires a firm commitment and a structured and sustained strategic approach, which specialists who practice it on a daily basis are better able to carry out successfully.

This is what the team at Prospecto, a firm specializing in client prospecting that assists dozens of companies from various industries on a daily basis to prospect in a more structured manner and to better target, interest and engage new clients.

With a customized strategic approach and extensive experience in cold calling, Prospecto is able to supply your sales team with quality leads year-round.

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