The prospecting process compared to keyword research

Any company that wants to expand its customer base must sooner or later choose the most effective way to identify new customers and engage them with its brand, services and business. Of course, such an operation requires a good strategy, a good preparation, resources and means, hence the importance of choosing the right method in order to maximize the cost/benefit ratio. In this article you will be able to compare prospecting to keyword research.

To help you see things a little more clearly, we offer a brief comparison of the main advantages to be expected when favouring direct prospecting and focusing on keyword visibility on search engines.

Direct prospecting

  1. More targeted, directly addresses finely selected prospects that correspond to the company’s target customer criteria: sales, industry, number of employees, business development expenses, location, etc;
  2. Intervenes earlier in the decision-making process. Helps generate interest even if the idea and need are not yet fully mature;
  3. Helps to accompany the prospect in his decision process, to initiate and maintain a business relationship by taking advantage of human contact, an ongoing relationship and multiple exchanges;
  4. Allows to gather a mass of information on the current and future needs of prospects;
  5. Excellent niche for B2B. Provides a customized solution that meets an existing or emerging need.


  1. Much more general targeting;
  2. Arrives later in the decision-making process, once the need has been expressed, which makes it more comparative, particularly with regard to price;
  3. Lack of business relationship and less possibility of weighting price versus service and quality;
  4. In order for the services to be promoted to be highlighted by the search engines, it is necessary to know how to select the keyword(s) that the prospect is most likely to use, which is much more random;
  5. Risk of falling far in the search results and going unnoticed, unless you find the right keywords and invest a lot of money in positioning;
  6. More efficient in a B2C context.

In summary

If the visibility by keywords can be useful to compare the offers of different suppliers once the customer has identified his need. However, it remains much more impersonal, has a random character and offers little added value.

On the other hand, prospecting not only allows you to better target new clients, but also to accompany them in their reflection, to lay the foundation for a longer-term business relationship and to gather masses of strategic information that will not only help you better identify the needs of your target clients, but also to adjust your offer as needed.

About prospecting to keyword research, you now know more. However, if you have projects or are simply curious about our approach and our prospecting services, let us know and we will be happy to discuss them with you.




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