The B2B business development agent, who is he?

The B2B business development agent

The B2B business development agent goes by many names: inside sales representative, prospector, canvasser, salesperson… There is no doubt that he or she works in a sales-related profession! But who is he? What do they do? And above all, what are the assets to succeed in this field?

Discuss phone prospecting and telemarketing with those around you. You will soon realize that they are perceived negatively, like those calls from employees speaking dubious French who tell you that you are the winner of a contest you never entered! Those calls that everyone hates. And yet, the profession of business development agent is far from these and deserves to be better known.

B2B Development

The business development agents who work for a marketing firm like ours specialized in ” company to company ” contacts or commonly called ” business to business ” or ” B2B “. They don’t make calls to individuals and they don’t advertise the price advantage that doesn’t exist. It’s the opposite! It is a rewarding profession that requires well-developed interpersonal skills.

Much more than telemarketing

The business development agent’s job goes far beyond phone prospecting and telemarketing. It’s much more than a simple call! It is the application of great rigor and the use of personalized and effective tools for each call with the goal of qualifying each prospect and obtaining the maximum amount of useful and relevant information for his client.

Knowing how to adapt

Knowing how to adapt to the prospect is without a doubt one of the most important characteristics. The B2B telemarketing requires a lot of energy, concentration and understanding. Every caller is different and so are their objections. It is therefore necessary to be able to adapt quickly to our interlocutor, to understand him in order to present him with the right arguments, those that represent real advantages for him.

Adapting your speech to the prospect who is listening to you requires good communication skills. It is important to know how to listen and to be empathetic. Empathy has the power to make the other person feel that we understand how they feel. But be careful not to sound fake! Empathy must be genuine and truly felt.

The key to success: perseverance

Perseverance makes sense in telemarketing. Why? Because it is rare to reach a prospect on the first try, and by the 15th attempt you may be discouraged to always “get” their voice mail!

The most important and necessary characteristic to do this job is perseverance, in our opinion. Without it, it will be difficult to get appointments. If you think it’s easy to do this job, try this little exercise: try to reach the CEO of a large company such as Bombardier, Energir or Bell to offer your services. You’ll tell us about it!

Our expertise in marketing shows us that the phone prospecting is an excellent generator of qualified appointments for our customers. Our business development agents are precious allies that you can always count on to increase your clientele efficiently.



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