The 10 best free and simple CRM software!

Still looking for a free CRM software that will help you manage your customers and contacts? Rest assured, there are some very good and beneficial solutions in 2019. We suggest you discover the 10 best ones. Just a small aside for the neophytes: CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management. However, it is essential to choose the software that will best meet your needs. Because each CRM software has several features that are virtually available. It all depends on your requirements, i.e., one software may suit you better than another.

1-HubSpot CRM

This is the most powerful free CRM solution with a clean, pleasant and fluid interface. It is available in French, which is one of its great advantages. It can be connected to countless marketing tools. This software can help you accelerate your sales productivity.


If you’re looking for a small, handy CRM tool that works with Gmail, Insightly is the solution that’s sure to win you over. The software also offers an effective dashboard and can easily connect to a number of complementary marketing and management tools.


This is a tool that has won many customer satisfaction awards! It has an intuitive and ergonomic graphical interface, very accessible that you can easily understand even on the first try. Many sales and lead qualification features are incorporated in the non-paid version. This powerful software is also able to concentrate all your customer data: phone numbers, emails, etc.

4-Zoho CRM

This is a software designed to manage your sales efficiently and quickly. It has a refined, intuitive interface and offers many solutions for managing leads. Automation is one of the great advantages of Zoho.

5-Sugar CRM

This is one of the most advanced CRM software on the market, however, the unpaid offering remains small in time. If you are looking for a more comprehensive version, Sugar CRM is what you need. Sugar offers a very simple, intuitive and personalized user interface that will allow you to automate all your business operations.

6-CRM Suite

This free open source software is a must if you are looking for a software to manage your customer and prospect directories, your quotes and automate your commercial activity. If you have people in your team who are experts in development, Suite CRM is the most appropriate solution to boost your business! However, Suite CRM has several paid extensions, but very powerful.


This is a free software that is easy to use and powerful when it comes to managing your contacts. In addition, with Cloze, you can manage all your Facebook, Instagram… This is its strong point compared to other competing software.


This tool, the most complete on the market, can help you boost your growth, automate your sales processes, reduce your marketing costs and improve your customer service. In addition, thanks to its free version, you also have the possibility of exploiting numerous functionalities, however the exploitation of this free version is limited to a team of 2 people. In fact, this is the only restriction.

9-Capsule CRM

This is a very complete CRM software that presents an ergonomic and very refined interface. Capsule allows you to manage all your business contacts, prospects and customers in one place. With the free version, you can only store 250 contacts, and this reduces the attractiveness of this software.

10-Really Simple Systems

One of the excellent free CRM software designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Really Simple Systems offers full Dashboards and has a mobile and tablet version. This is its strong point. However, the free version is limited to 2 users but you can use all the features.


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