What is a CRM? What you need to know.

A CRM is a “Customer Relationship Management”. It is a software or a Web platform that allows you to keep in one place up-to-date information on your customers, your business opportunities and your tasks in developing your sales.

A CRM acts as a database allowing you to better know your existing and potential customers in their loyalty and in your relations with them.

Well adapted, your CRM can save you time and energy, but above all it allows you to increase your sales.  It will quickly inform you about your good customers and their real and future needs. Throughout your sales cycle, it will keep the necessary information to analyze the needs of each customer and will allow you to be more strategic, efficient and structured in your development with your customers. Not only will a CRM automate a good part of your follow-ups, but it will allow you to avoid missing opportunities due to an oversight or the loss of a document. Better yet, it will allow you to keep distinctive information on your contacts in order to solidify your relationships.

The most important thing about this tool is to use it rigorously because to be effective, the tool must be up-to-date and accurate. Once this rule is respected, it will allow you to keep an eye on the development of your sales, your approaches and even your sellers because all the information entered could be counted and quantified. However, despite the time you will have to invest, you will benefit from a more structured approach and therefore an increase in your sales.

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