How to make successful cold calls?

I regularly do cold calling and although it is a dangerously effective and inexpensive tool, I see that many companies still do not use it.

More and more measures are preventing salespeople from soliciting new customers. We only have to think of the Canadian Anti-Spam Act or the National Do Not Call List to see that solicitation is becoming more complex.

Many skeptics ask me to argue about the value of cold calling. However, I have decided here to address the converts. You are at your first try. These tips are for you!

To make successful cold calls, you must: Prepare yourself

Equip yourself with tools to perform. Have a well laid out desk, a comfortable chair or better yet, call standing!  The more comfortable and upright you are, the better your voice will sound. Don’t be afraid to equip yourself with a headset or an earpiece to clear your neck and avoid a stiff neck.

Have an up-to-date call list (2 years and under). Before you call, prepare a presentation pitch. Don’t be afraid to practice your pitch. Have a few lines in mind in case the caller refuses. This will make it easy and even fun to deal with them. Prepare yourself for a refusal in order to turn a no into a yes.

It is much more motivating to call with goals in mind. Give yourself quantifiable goals such as a number of calls per day or per week to meet.

Make successful cold calls: When making calls

We often hear the phrase: Put a smile in your voice. It’s a fact. The more relaxed and cheerful you are, the better your callers will receive you. Have fun and share the joy of getting to know your future customers. A calm voice and a good flow of voice will allow you to get people’s attention.

Allow yourself to take notes during your calls, so you don’t forget important names and details and can focus on the discussion.

Be spontaneous and avoid rote speech. You need to understand the meaning of what you’re saying and master your speech. You’ve practiced your text in preparation, now add some naturalness to it.

Finally, make summaries of each of your calls with the date they were made and the date and time you called back. This is a good way to keep track of your progress and follow-ups.


In summary

  • A well laid out office
  • Well-equipped
  • Up-to-date call list (less than 2 years old)
  • Prepare a presentation pitch
  • Practice your pitch
  • Prepare for rejection
  • Give yourself quantifiable objectives
  • Have fun
  • Allow yourself to take notes
  • Be spontaneous
  • Summarize for yourself

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