From charlatan to salesman, the customer comes first!

Nowadays, salespeople are required to be good advisors first and foremost. Don’t forget that the market has changed, the old methods of persuasion by pressure or manipulation have no place anymore. You have to retrain and renew yourself in order to become a real added value for your customer. Thanks to the internet and social networks, news travels fast! It is therefore crucial, and more than ever, to provide a positive experience to your buyers.

Here are a few things that will help you become a respected salesperson!

To become a respected salesperson you must: Know your products and your market

Since the arrival of the Internet, it is easy for your client to validate certain information before your meetings. Therefore, take for granted that everything is known and that it is better to avoid embarrassing questions than to avoid them when the time comes. By knowing the weaknesses of your product and your market, you will be able to guide your buyer in his decision.

To become a respected salesperson you must: Responding to a need or a desire

If they ask you for advice, it’s because they are looking for a solution. A solution to what? Motivations can be personal or material.  It is your job to understand your client’s needs and to adapt your approach to them.

Talk to your customer about the benefits of getting this product or service.

Let’s talk benefits! What difference does it make to your customer if the product is made of polymer or if the wall is blue? He wants to hear about the benefits. Example: The fact that a product is more durable will allow your client not to change his equipment for 3 years, therefore: peace of mind and savings.

To become a respected salesperson you must: Be sincere and authentic

People buy not only your products and services but also your personality. If you blatantly lie to your customers, what kind of relationship will you build with them? Worse, you may even lose yourself in a convoluted explanation. Be authentic, people will feel it!

Think about the customer first!

Last but not least, think of your customer against all odds. If your only objective is to fill your pockets, despite the legitimacy of the gesture (rent to pay, children, groceries, etc.), the fact remains that the client will feel it and your role as advisor will disappear. You may be able to sell them once or twice, but they will not remain a loyal customer.



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