The telephone survey to boost your company’s sales!

The services we offer at our Prospecto call center are multiple: prospecting, telephone sales, appointment setting and telephone surveys.

This last service is as important as the others. It is a performance lever that your company should use. But also a way to start on a solid basis if you have the idea of creating a new company.

But what exactly is it? What is it used for? What can a must-have telephone survey do for a business?

You may think that telephone surveys are an obsolete strategy, outdated by new communication technologies? In fact, this is a simple prejudice far from reality. However, it is important to understand the mechanisms of this tool.

First, what is a telephone survey?

A survey is a study carried out by a company with a representative panel of the population. In other words, the respondents are not taken at random, but the sampling is determined according to certain established criteria.

A telephone survey can be conducted before the launch of a product (during market research) or afterwards to measure customer satisfaction.

The survey takes the form of a questionnaire and will help to gather information on a product, a service, an event, an advertising operation…

To boost your company’s sales, you must choose the objectives of a telephone survey!

If the telephone survey is done at the time of the market study, before the launch of a product or a service, it will allow you to :

  • Determine the prospects, their needs, their requirements;
  • Set or review the price;
  • Make improvements to the product or service;
  • Define the modes and channels of communication;
  • Choose the points of sale;
  • Drive sales.

Steps to a telephone survey to boost your company’s sales

  • Define the needs

It is necessary to determine the objectives of a telephone survey, otherwise the quality of this investigation is reduced. Thus, thanks to the objectives you have set, you can better direct your questions, or rephrase them in order to gather precise and useful answers that will help you to see clearly and to rectify your sales policy and your marketing strategies.

  • Writing the questionnaire well

The questionnaire is an essential tool for conducting a telephone survey, which is why you need to know your questionnaire inside and out. This will help you make the most of the results.

It would be better if the questionnaire was varied and included open-ended questions as well as closed-ended or qualitative questions, in other words, questions that give your respondents the opportunity to make an evaluation.

  • Choose your sample carefully!

Choosing the right sample is essential for a successful telephone survey. The panel must be representative of the population, so that you can obtain varied and realistic answers. All this will help you improve the quality of your products or services.

  • Analyze the results!

The analysis must be done in a thoughtful, intelligent way. Once the telephone survey has been conducted, your job is not to count or to make graphs.

You must try to read the results, to interpret them, to discover flaws that could harm your services or products. A successful telephone survey must provide concrete answers.

Use a call center for your telephone survey and boost your company’s sales

The perfect solution to a successful telephone survey would be to outsource it to a call center. However, you must specify to the callers the objectives you wish to achieve.

At Prospecto, our experts have all the intrinsic qualities and know-how necessary to successfully carry out this marketing campaign and obtain results that meet your expectations.


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