How to double your results with your phone

How to double your results with sales calls: What you need to know

Very few salespeople and sales managers use the phone every day. But when it comes to an unexpected call, most people hesitate. For many, advertising is a huge stress: fear of disruption or anger, fear of rejection or failure, it doesn’t matter, it’s possible to learn how to deal with all these challenges. The only solution is to make cold calls.

I have less and less time to call, but I never hesitate to call a potential customers and do my research. I still have as much fun selling as I did in the beginning, but now my partner Charlotte is in charge. Charlotte has contacted dozens of potential customers every day for the past 30 years.

Let’s discover this talent of sales calls

She is an inspiration to everyone on our development team. It’s safe to say she’s a master of the art of advertising. But while most people are friendly and have a pleasant conversation, she sometimes feels hurt by the petty behavior of some interested parties. But that’s part of the game, and to dispel that feeling and keep her attitude, here’s her trick: she likes to imagine crazy reasons for her behavior (marital problem… rough night… rough night… violation…), then forgets about that call and immediately moves on to the next.

In addition, she often uses a reluctant prospect’s arguments to enhance her script. It’s true that the phone interferes, but if no one dares to interrupt a potential customer with a new product, many companies have to close their doors. So it’s important to be creative to make that interruption enjoyable and constructive.

When I look at Charlotte’s behavior on the phone, I see that there are several factors behind her success. I’ll share two of them with you this week and introduce a few more in my next post.

She prepares for it spiritually.

Most vendors who make a big deal out of it never take the time to prepare. Charlotte knows it’s not always easy, but she firmly believes that with her attitude, determination, presence of mind and knowledge, if she puts all her energy into it, the law of averages will always be in her favor. She believes that she is only a phone call away from getting an appointment. If it doesn’t work out, she knows to forget about it immediately and dial another number!

She writes her scripts.

Although she has been making sales calls for over thirty years, Charlotte always has a telephone script (sales script) in front of her that allows her to confidently focus on what the customer is saying and listen with the necessary attention.

When it’s her turn to speak, her script always brings her back to her goal and gives her the thoughtful words she needs to share her project with the client. Above all, she avoids talking too much and straying from her script.

A good script can be adapted to all kinds of situations. Call a few people and adapt your script to the results. Charlotte’s script is always alive.

Using these concepts of Charlotte’s sales calls would probably double your results.




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