How do I build an effective sales script for my telesales team?

How do I build an effective sales script for my telesales team? What you need to know.

The telesales process, also known as telephone prospecting or telemarketing, is a powerful business lever. However, it is essential to master its techniques to get the most out of it.

The speech is one of the fundamental elements of this technique, indeed, if you do not manage to communicate your ideas pertinently to your correspondent, you can give up success.

Therefore, it is essential to write a powerful script so that you, your telephonists or your salespeople are driven in your speech.

To be successful, it is essential to develop an effective sales script before implementing a call campaign. But it’s not about producing a banal, tasteless, impersonal script. Quite the contrary.

In fact, a script can be a key factor in seducing your prospects into taking action. Indeed, if you prepare your sales pitch beforehand, in a rigorous and professional manner, it will allow you to detect the weaknesses of your text. In addition, your speech will be more homogenized.

How do you create your own?

Obviously, there is no one way to build a speech. But we can focus on the structure.

Indeed, in order for your speech to be ad hoc, it is essential that it be well structured before anything else. If this is not the case, the script will undoubtedly be nebulous, indecipherable for the recipient.

Here is the ideal structure, in 4 steps.

The right structure

This is the first part of your call during which you will introduce the company and the purpose of the call. Of course, you must specify to whom you wish to speak.

Be aware that the first 20 seconds of the call are crucial. You only have a short time to try to make a good impression.

In fact, it is during this phase that you are confronted with a number of obstacles: the switchboard barrier, which is the real fear of teleoperators, or the refusal of dialogue in particular. It is this stage that makes telephone prospecting complicated. You must therefore give all your attention to this first phase.

How to deal with this?

We recommend that you write a short text of about 15 seconds beforehand, which describes precisely who you are and what you offer. This is how you will get past the various blocks. Your target audience is not there to push away any conversation, but rather to discover advantageous calls.

The discovery phase!

The second phase consists of qualifying your prospect. In other words, you will try to identify and collect the right information about them.

During this phase, make sure you get your speaker to talk about him or herself. By listening to them, you will be able to discover their desires, their needs and the difficulties they face. All this will help you to build a personalized and clever argument.

It is not a question of conducting a survey, nor a mock discussion. It’s about engaging in a real exchange that should be done in a natural way. You can ask your potential client a question, and based on their answer, try to rephrase it in a deeper way. Don’t forget to write down what you find interesting so that you can use it during the argumentation phase.

The argumentation

This is certainly at the heart of the telesales marketing maneuver. During this phase, everything will be focused on the advantages and benefits of your products or services.

So, if you have identified a problem during the previous stage, you can exploit it to show that with your products, the problem will no longer arise.

Secondly, it all depends on your objective.

If your goal is to set up a sales meeting, be a little mysterious to further motivate your prospect to agree to a face-to-face meeting to further discuss the issue.

If your goal is to close a sale over the phone, go even deeper into the argument to show your prospect that your service is the solution that will put an end to all his problems.

Above all, avoid pointless verbiage and be succinct. For example, don’t develop more than three customer benefits.

Give your prospect the opportunity to put in a word, so that you can learn about their objections and offer them the ultimate solution.


This is the validation of the results acquired during the last stage of the argumentation. The objective of this phase is in line with the ultimate objective of the call: making an appointment, promise to buy…

Of course, you must end this discussion. To do this, you must be courteous, pleasant, while remaining precise and determined. It would be regrettable to lose the attention of your potential client when you are just a step away from the goal.


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