Eleven (11) essential words that every sales professional should know

Essential words to sell

Here are 11 essential words to sell you need to understand to become a pro! It is important to specify that there are several schools of thought, however, we prefer this one especially with regards to the term lead and prospect.

  1. Competitive advantages: The characteristic advantages of your company, products or services that make you stand out from the competition.
  2. Cold Call: Initial contact made by telephone, without an appointment, with the purpose of offering or selling your company’s products or services to a third party.
  3. Solicitation: Action of approaching a potential customer.
  4. Potential Customer “Prospect”: A company that is not yet a customer but could become one.
  5. Contact “Lead”: Word used to designate a person within a company who is a potential customer. The relationship between the terms lead and prospect is variable and they are often confused. Normally, a person is a lead and a prospect is a business.
  6. Qualified: Collecting data on the needs and projects of your potential customers or clients in order to better target their buying potential.
  7. Pitch or Speech: A very short presentation speech to introduce yourself, your company and your product.
  8. Argumentation, Refutation and Objection: These three words are more or less similar synonyms. They are terms used to designate the contradictory answer that a client gives you during a negotiation.
  9. Close or “Close” a sale: To make a sale. Reach an agreement. Conclude the negotiation positively.
  10. Loyalty: The act of creating a lasting and personal relationship with your customers. Loyalty contributes to building a “loyalty effect” between your company and your customers, allowing you to protect yourself from the competition.
  11. Retention rate: Index on which you can measure the loyalty of your customers. It is the quantifiable return (sales) from a solicitation or promotion.



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